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Your website can say a lot about you, your product, or your service to the people that visit it. What does yours say?

Here are 5 things that your broken website says to potential customers.

You may not take your business seriously.

There’s nothing wrong with having a hobby. Selling a few widgets here and there to make money for the weekend. Lots of people do it. But, is that what you do? Or, do you have a full time business that you rely on? If you have broken links, a poor layout, confusing navigation, or outdated information, people may not think you take your business seriously and go elsewhere.

Details don’t matter to you.

If you have pictures that don’t fit the area you have them in, text that stretches beyond the area it’s supposed to be in, or a lot of misspelled words, people might assume that details don’t matter to you. If you sell a product or service, they will assume that your lack of attention on your website might carry over to your product or service. That can cost you money.

You may not be very successful.

A poorly designed and broken website can lead potential customers to believe that you may not be very successful. You don’t see Nike, Apple, Beats, IMB or other successful companies with broken websites. Heck, if you check, a lot of your competition probably doesn’t have busted websites either. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Who looks more successful? You or your competition? And, who would you choose?

You’re not trustworthy.

If you accept payments online, you have to appear to be trustworthy. Your site should be clean, professional looking, and have an SSL certificate on the checkout page for security. Do you think an ugly website that has functionality issues looks trustworthy to you? Your potential customers don’t think so either. They probably won’t trust you with putting their credit card info into your site if it looks poorly made and maintained.

Your product or service may match your website.

Is your website an accurate representation of the quality of product or service you provide? If not, you need to get to work. Because people will look at your site and equate it with your products and service. Ugly, poorly designed, broken… if your website has these issues, your clients may assume what you are offering will be the same.

Some websites can be “fixed” and we can help with that. However, if your website was built more than a couple years ago, it’s most likely best to have it redesigned from the ground up to insure that your website meets today’s design standards.

If you are tired of apologizing to customers about issues on your website, afraid you are losing potential customers, or if you’re ready to take your online presence to the next level… contact us.



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