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5 Types Of Apps That Are About To Be Huge

By | Tech

For web and app developers, it always pays to look ahead to what might be popular in the near future. Sometimes we can’t necessarily predict these things. But it’s worth trying, because having designs in mind for the next wave of useful or profitable apps may just wind up in…

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5 websites that will give you anxiety & make your eyes bleed

By | Design

What can we say? Some people just have really bad taste and horrible design skills. These 5 websites will make your eyes bleed. http://www.pennyjuice.com/htmlversion/whoispj.htm http://www.arngren.net/ http://www.roverp6cars.com/ http://www.libertyvan.com/ http://heaven.internetarchaeology.org/heaven.html#bottom These websites are downright scary bad… make your heart beat funny and head hurt type of bad. Hopefully, your website doesn’t look like…

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