Black Friday online sales skyrocket. 1st year ever for over $1B in online sales via mobile devices!

After a sluggish start in November, that everyone is blaming on the election, Black Friday online sales shocked everyone. The slow start to November lead some researchers to believe that online sales on Black Friday might not meet expectations. But according to Adobe Digital Insights, online sales not only exceeded expectations but set records.

This was the first Black Friday in history where over $1B in online sales were recorded through mobile devices. Total online sales were up 21.6% over last year’s Black Friday online sales. Total online sales were $3.34B and exceeded expectations by $290M.

If you own a retail or service business, we just have to ask you… For what purpose are you continuing to allow your business to suffer by missing out on your piece of this ever growing pie?

If you would like to read Adobe’s complete report, check it out here.

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