The days of planting your flag in the ground online and letting it just sit there are over. We are people who are consumed by content; fresh, entertaining, informational, content to be exact.

We use apps like Flipboard, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube… etc. They all have one thing in common. They have fresh content! Their “feeds” are constantly updating and we are constantly consuming the information that is being fed to us. In fact, we are craving the constant feed of new information! That’s why we check these sources of content numerous times a day. What’s really crazy is that we consume this information on multiple devices; PCs, laptops, tablets, phones, gas station media screens, television, smart watches… you name it. We can’t escape the constant onslaught of information and we crave every serving of it!

So… in a world where we can get instant updates on news, happenings, offers, information… from these digital media outlets, why are we not reacting when it comes to our own websites? Well, some of us are, and we are the leaders. Others are slow to follow and they are wondering what’s going on.

Do you remember the “Yellow Pages”? Yeah, that fat book of thousands of super thin paper pages that was a directory for businesses… Do you use them now? Of course not! It’s antiquated, it isn’t “instant”, and it isn’t “entertaining” or “informational” at all.

By not offering constant, consistent, entertaining, informational content, you are going the way of the Yellow Pages. You’ll be left on a doorstep and unused.

WordPress is an amazing platform if you want to become a “content king”. We design websites exclusively with WordPress because of this one feature. Anyone can learn to use it or update it. WordPress makes it easy for you to feed new content as often as you like to your consumers and your potential consumers. And, as long as you provide frequent, quality, content… you will be a “content king”.

Content drives traffic and traffic gives you an opportunity to sell your goods or services. You can learn how to provide and publish your own content or we can hep you with it. But, one thing is certain today, content is king. And, leveraging it can help separate yourself from your competition. Call us today if you need help with content.


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