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Spend more time running your business and less time messing with your website.

If your website is a source of frustration, it probably boils down to two things… poor hosting and a lack of professional management.

The problem with budget hosting:

All hosts are not created equal. And, if you chose a “budget” host, you’ve probably experienced downfalls of choosing them.

Budget hosts expect you to do, and take care of, just about everything on your own. That’s why they can charge such cheap prices! They devote as few resources as possible to helping you so that they can keep costs down.

They expect you to take care of things like scanning your website for viruses, making backups (and restoring them), problem-solving, fixing issues, upgrading software, and more.

When they do offer help, the support can often be found lacking — long wait times on the phone, non-native English speaking support team, lack of resolutions to your issues, and many times they charge extra for fixing your problems.

The headache-free hosting solution:

I’ve been building, hosting, and managing websites for 15 years. I have tried every host on the planet (it feels like), and here’s the real deal… you get what you pay for. If you are paying less than $15 a month for hosting, you have junk hosting and you really should not expect much in the way of performance or support. And, just cross your fingers and hope that nothing really ever goes wrong with your website.

A great website host will take care of nearly everything that causes you time and frustration — and they will do it fast.

My preferred host covers and fixes all website related issues, in a timely manner, at no additional cost. They even have “emergency” help that will get back to you within minutes and jump into fixing the issue instantly. No long waits on the phone, no speaking with people who don’t understand my language or my issue, and not once in 5 years have they not fixed an issue for me that same day I requested help.

If you would like to try them out, their name is Flywheel. They only host WordPress based website and since 98% of the websites I build are WordPress, they have been amazing for me. Click the link here to sign up for their hosting. They will even migrate your site for FREE!

FYI, I include Flywheel hosting with all of my Care Plans.

Website management headaches:

If you are your own website manager, guess who gets the headaches? Yup, you. Guess who also spend their time trying to figure out things they aren’t familiar with, fixing problems they don’t understand, and making simple changes that could easily be handled by someone else? Yup, you.

Why are you wasting your time being a website manager?

Worry-free management solution:

What if you could just make a phone call or send an email and everything you want to change on your website was changed, every issue was solved for you, and every-behind-the-scenes update was taken care of and managed for you? Wouldn’t that leave you more time to actually run your business?

If you would like to experience true freedom with your website, check out our care plans. 

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