Someone told me a long time ago (I forget who told me) that I could have things done “fast, cheap, or good”. They said I could pick two out of the three, but I couldn’t have all three.

I didn’t think about this advice for years. But, once I started running service industry businesses (web design, marketing, and fishing charters… ), it made sense to me.

So, here’s the theory… and I bet it holds true for your business too.

You can have two out of these three things when you want something done. You can have things done…

  • Fast
  • Cheap
  • Good

You can only choose two out of these three.

If you choose “fast” and “cheap”, it won’t be done “good”. If you choose “fast” and “good”, it won’t be “cheap”. If you choose “good” and “cheap”, it won’t be done fast.

See the point?

Once I started running my own businesses over 10 years ago, I started to realize just how true this was.

My personal belief is to choose to have things done “good” first. And then choose your second option based on your current situation.

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