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We spend a lot of time online. That should be pretty obvious. We build websites for a living. 🙂

We also need to be able to communicate with people… a lot. And, quite frequently, we do that via text message.

As you can imagine, stepping away from work (our computer screens) to be able to text someone or reply to a text to a friend or client with our phones, takes us away from our work (which we love, by the way).

We have found this app for the Chrome Browser (which we use) and for Andorid (which we use), that makes our communication needs very easy! And, the best part, it’s free! However, we have chosen the $5 a month premium version, after months of using the free version, because it offers unlimited features.

Anyway, like we said, if you spend a lot of time online, need to text frequently, and use Chrome and Android… you should check this out. Start with the free version. It’s probably all most people will need. It will save you tremendous time (assuming you can type faster than you can text). And, there are many more things you can do with MightyText than just text. You can can even use it to transfer files between your phone and your PC wirelessly.

It’s very easy to setup (you don’t have to be a tech guru to do it), and it will save you time. Check it out.


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