After 11 years of building websites for people, we have tried dozens of web hosts for WordPress. Some were downright terrible and some were actually pretty good. But, for the past 2 years, we have been using the best.

We came across Flywheel a couple of years ago during a time when we were having problems with yet another managed WordPress host. We liked what  Flywheel had to offer and jumped in head first.

This move seemed like a daunting task for us, at first, as we had 50+ websites that needed to be moved. But, that’s where our first reason that Flywheeel is the best managed WordPress host in the world kicked in!

#1: Free site migrations!

All we had to do was give Flywheel the FTP user names and passwords and WordPress logins to our sites and they moved all of our sites for us! FOR FREE!

Whether you just have one WordPress site for your business or you are a WordPress designer and manage multiple websites, It can be hard to remember to update your site(s) to the latest version of WordPress. And, it is important to do so for security reasons as well as to take advantage of new WordPress features.

#2: Automatic WordPress updates!

Flywheel keeps all your WordPress sites updated with the latest version of WordPress automatically.

If you have ever had a site crash or get hacked, you know how frustrating it can be to not only figure out what happened but to get your site back up and running in a timely manor.

#3: Nightly backups & 1 click restore!

No matter what happens to your site, you’re only one click away from restoring your site to a previous working version. This feature is invaluable. Whether you accidentally messed up your site, your site got hacked, or it crashed for some unknown reason, you can literally have your site back up and running in minutes.

People and “bots” are constantly attacking your website. You may think they aren’t after you because you’re just a small fish in a big pond, but I assure you they are. Install any number of security plugins, such as WordFence, and your eyes will suddenly be opened to the fact that you are constantly under attack.

#4: Nightly malware & virus scans!

Flywheel runs nightly malware and virus scans on your sites. Once a problem has been detected, they will alert you of the issue and get to work at fixing it for you. And… unlike MANY hosts, fixing hacks, removing malware, and cleaning out viruses is included in your hosting fee. They do NOT charge extra for this.

Are you tired of feeling like a number when it comes to where you host your WordPress site? Feel like the customer service is impersonal and it’s hard to get results?

#5: Top shelf, personal, customer service!

After two years with Flywheel, I’m on a first name basis with their support staff. They answer email promptly and they always make sure to handle any issues I might have (which are few and far between now). They offer a general email address where you can request non-emergency support and they have a 24 hour emergency email where you can request help immediately in case your site is down or you have an emergency. Over two years, I have found them to be very responsive and helpful.

Are you ready to experience WordPress hosting like never before? Great services, superior product, and amazing support?

Then sign up for Flywheel today!



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