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5 websites that will give you anxiety & make your eyes bleed

By | Design

What can we say? Some people just have really¬†bad taste and horrible design skills. These 5 websites will make your eyes bleed. http://www.pennyjuice.com/htmlversion/whoispj.htm http://www.arngren.net/ http://www.roverp6cars.com/ http://www.libertyvan.com/ http://heaven.internetarchaeology.org/heaven.html#bottom These websites are downright scary bad… make your heart beat funny and head hurt type of bad. Hopefully, your website doesn’t look like…

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Should you click it?

By | Tech

Everybody has had that uncomfortable second or two right before clicking a link, sent by a trusted friend, worried that it might not be safe. Well, it’s real easy to tell if the link is safe before you click on it. Clicking on an unknown link can cause serious problems…

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